Throwback: Breach – Jack vs. Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley – Jack Your Body

With the hugely popular ‘Jack’ recently released by Breach, it seemed an apt time to dig up a golden oldie from Steve Hurley.

2013. Breach – Jack

Ben Westbreech has hit the jackpot with this tune. Changing his ways – he is an extremely talented cello player, piano player and singer – he proves that he has the ultimate touch when it comes to music. Sensual vocal loops  over an incredibly infectious beat have made Jack the summer anthem of 2013. The video seems to have drawn influence from the Honey Monster:

1987. Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley – Jack Your Body

A heady dose of original Chicago house from Grammy nominated Steve Hurley, this track reached number 1 in January 1987.
The video is a mash of black and white dancing, was produced with a very limited budget. When the track was released it received almost no advertising: the music says it all.

– Kim Kahan


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