Nextup Art: Lisa McConniffe – MUUSE x Vogue Talents 2013

Lisa McConniffe recently graduated from Manchester School of Art and her 2013 graduate collection has already received extensive press including Vogue , Vogue Italia and Glamour Magazine.

Sikh Warriors 2013

Her final collection is ‘fundamentally inspired by the beautiful construction of turbans which have informed my shape making techniques , that include both structural pleating and tassel making. The bold far eastern mood is engineered into the pleated garments through pin tucks, and also incorporated into rolls and knots. The colours in the collection are inspired by the bright Sikh warrior turbans and help communicate a playful elegance within the collection.’

Muuse x Vogue 2013 – a competition run annually by Vogue magazine and MUUSE – an organisation which promotes up and coming designers. The amazing prize is for the production of each winning collection, including PR, Marketing and Advertising.

The bright colours and exciting textures in this really made it easy to see where the inspiration is drawn. Feathery  textures and interesting structural design help make it worthy of a vote:

– Kim Kahan



  1. daphnesensei · · Reply

    Love this! It was so hard to vote ….. I think I voted on like 20 😉


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