Nextup: Sade – Couldn’t Love You More (Florian Kupfer Edit)

Damn, this track is too good. 2013 has most certainly been Florian Kupfer’s year so far. Though relatively unknown to most, Kupfer has quickly established himself as one of the most exciting deep house/techno producers around. Kupfer’s raw sound, characterised by crisp dusty high hats and uneven phrasing has brought a new dimension to an increasingly saturated genre. Phrasing and high hats aside, it is also Kupfer’s use of vocals that elevate his tracks into even higher heights of bliss.

His track ‘Feelings’ on his brilliant debut release on L.I.E.S is a great illustration of this, as well as on his remix of Sade’s classic Couldn’t Love You More. The brilliance of this Sade remix lies in its simplicity: smooth seductive piano chords, a solid kick and a strong yet delicate bassline laced with Sade’s sensual vocals.

Not much info is available on whether this track will get release, I personally will find comfort in assuming Kupfer is not a complete wally and will get it released as soon as he gets the chance. Can say with ease that this is one of the best deep house tracks I’ve heard, and I’d be surprised if you don’t agree once you’ve listened to it.


– Calum Carey


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