Throwback: Joonipah – Trap Door (2012)

Many avid followers of UK underground dance music will agree that techno has enjoyed a new lease of life in the past couple of years. Initially generated by Blawan’s incredible string of releases on Black Sun & Hinge Finger amongst others, this exciting development of raw, stripped back techno continues to be pushed by various artists today. Amongst these artists is young producer Joonipah, whose track –Trap Door – is quite simply a straight up, floor-filling banger.

Trap Door is UK techno at its best: Intricate percussion patterns, powerful four to floor kicks and bass face inducing basslines. It’s that rolling weighty synth bassline particularly in this track that makes it so enjoyable. Beginning solidly with a strong kick and syncopated high hats, trap door immediately builds up in energy through the introduction of classic house flavoured string drones and strong synth stabs. Accompanied with the subtle introduction of bass which gradually crescendos, it all helps build towards that bone-shuddering drop. Being released on limited vinyl alongside Gut Feeling and Downshift makes this an essential purchase for any techno/house DJ. Still going for a surprisingly cheap price on Discogs.

2012. Joonipah – Trap Door 

– Calum Carey


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