Throwback: Christian Loeffler – Undefined Season

I was very fortunate to stumble across Christian Loeffler via a Hackman podcast. It’s beautiful yet eerie nature struck me immediately and to this day it remains one of my favourite chilled deep house songs. Loeffler’s style evokes a complicated dichotomy of feelings: I find myself experiencing strong feelings of melancholy but also at the same time of euphoria. Though the essence of his songs carry with them despairing and desolate imagery they also carry great warmth which makes them very compelling and addictive. Undefined Season is a beautiful track. Underlined with a soft constant kick and smooth Inception-esque chord progressions, it gradually layers with the introduction of deep dominant bongos and metallic bells , building and building until being pierced by a sharp unearthly synth drones. Undefined Season is one seriously psychedelic trip, and one you should definitely consider going on. Released as part of the Aspen EP on Ki Records. Also, check out Loeffler’s Boiler Room mix to discover more of his sounds.

Note: Have with biff with song.

Released: 2012

– Calum Carey


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