Throwback: Ordinary People – Baby You Make My Heart Sing

Here we have an underground garage classic – Ordinary People ‘Baby You Make My Heart Sing’. Personally, I am a sucker for garage; though of course there are great songs in all genres, there is just something really infectious about it. Whether it be its distinctive shuffling percussion patterns, soulful choppy vocals or bassline grooves, in any context garage music just makes you want to dance – or drop some serious head bopping at the very least! ‘Baby You..’ brings all these elements together perfectly, packing a bouncy bass and some absolute killer vocals. Discovering whoever is behind those vocals is a serious goal of mine – such a raw, powerful sound.

With great grooves and vocals at hand, Ordinary People also display a lesson in build-up and instrumental layering. ‘Baby You’ greets you how a great garage record should, warmth smooth vocals and delicious delicate piano chord stabs. Teased by those vocals fading in and out of ‘Baby You’ initially, the track suddenly springs into life with a strong introduction of percussion and then its trademark ‘Ooooh Babaaayy’ vocal hook that you will never want to hear the end of. With a crazy drop that strips down to that driving bassline and slick percussion, this track has everything. Sadly discogs sellers seem to know this too and you won’t be getting hold of this on wax for less than £50. Mad price for a mad good tune.

Released: 1997

– Calum Carey


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