Throwback: TJR ft. Xavier – Just Gets Better (Vocal Dub)

When trying to think of uplifting party garage tunes, it’s hard to think of with many better then TJR and Xavier’s brilliant ‘Just Gets Better’ release. Appearing in 1997, ‘Just Gets Better’ showcases the more playful and care-free side to garage in contrast to Ordinary People‘s ‘Baby, You Make My Heart Sing’ released in the same year.

TJR similarly boasts some great classic garage vocals, lyrically provided by Xavier and supported by some cheeky female vocals. That ‘yeaahhhehehe’ female solo is too much – TJR definitely let loose with this track – at points, he slips in a bit of filter and at others dabbles in a bit of distortion. He even drops in a bit of top quality 97’ auto tune on Xavier’s vocals at some points…whether it works I’ll let you decide. Either way you know TJR had right fun messing about with it.

When reviewing your favourite songs you learn a lot more about the songs you already thought you knew inside out. One thing about this track is it really does get better with every listen. Having that timeless quality is hard to come by, but weirdly and unexpectedly, this track seems to have it. Great feel-good song.


Produced: 1997

– Calum Carey


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