Throwback: Loose Joints – Is It All Over My Face (Original Male Version)

Loose Joints is one of the many pseudonyms of Arthur Russell. I’ve spent the last few days trying to untangle a wild complicated web of music and aliases he’s churned out over the years, yet I’m still no closer to a clearer picture of the man.

A 2008 documentary called Wild Combination helps shed some light. During his life he crossed paths with the likes of Allen Ginsberg, the Talking Heads, Bootsy Collins and Phillip Glass. He escaped home after high school and was taken under the wing of a shaman who forced him to practice cello for hours on end in a closet. He incorporated the ambient sounds of a blender into some of his songs and placed his speakers next to his fish tank to get strange underwater feedback. His repertoire is so far reaching that it stretches from the ambient orchestrations of tower of meaning to the raucous disco of Loose Joints. He was so eclectic and inventive that works he’s collaborated on such as ‘Foxy Pup’ by Nirosata Steel are only emerging today and sound fresh, despite accumulating dust for over thirty years.

This track is the original, slow-burning and unreleased male version of the Larry Levan classic of the same name.

Release date: 1980

Ben Beauvallet


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