Throwback: DJ Bigga G – Mind, Body And Soul (4×4 Mix) (2002)

When it comes to garage bangers they don’t come much better than this. A personal favourite of mine; DJ Bigga G – ‘Mind, Body And Soul (4×4 Mix)’ has stuck in my head ever since I heard it first a year or two ago. What makes this tune so memorable, without a doubt, is the bassline! Sounding like it was just released on day-care, this bassline has dance floors going crazy. It has become one of those tunes lots of DJs use when they really want to get things moving. If you like garage and you don’t know this tune then you’re in for a treat.


Release year: 2002


One comment

  1. […] Trouble’ records.  A Sound Pushed by the likes of Grant Nelson and peaking with the releases of ‘DJ Biggas – Mind Body and Soul‘ and the timeless ‘Double 99 – Rip Groove’, Pearl Necklace’s ‘On a […]


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