Nextup: Just Kiddin – Feeling Better (free download)

Free download from English duo, Just Kiddin. This upbeat UK garage/house track is of the high calibre that Eton Messy produces, in a similar rein to The Golden Boy and Panda.

Bizzare as it sounds, this song is a perfect autumnal track. It has just enough balance so that it so dark it makes you think ‘harrowing’ and it isn’t too light that it makes you think of summer. The syncopated rhythm contains cowbell noises and an uplifting androgynous vocal in the background,  light bass, enough to keep the song moving and any potential dancers going crazy, whilst the understated, echoing vocals give it just enough variety to make something that you can easily listen to in a bedroom. A phaser sound leads nicely up to the drop before it kicks and takes the song onto another winding road of shameless, uplifting beats.

This song is sweet and that it is available as a free download makes it even sweeter.

Get it here.

Release date: 2013


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