Throwback: Montana Orchestra ft. Goody Goody – It Looks Like Love

Here for your listening pleasure, Montana Orchestra and Goody Goody bring you an absolute killer disco classic ‘It Looks Like Love.’ Bringing together instruments from all corners of the orchestral spectrum, ‘It Looks Like Love’ has that feel good euphoric factor that we all love and look for in disco.

For such an array of instrumentation, ‘It Looks Like Love’ comes off as an incredibly simple track, building and layering all the time but at no points feeling cluttered or confused. With solos sliding in from left right and centre, all instruments get their time to shine, even the bongos, which I’ve always got time for. Setting the scene initially with shakers, bongos and more than seductive vocals, ‘It Looks Like Love’ offers you an irresistible guitar riff, carrying you away into a world of gushing strings , smooth piano melodies and playful flute solos. ‘It Looks Like Love’ varies brilliantly, carrying climatic moments of full bodied orchestral explosions before at points stripping back to simple, yet still incredibly catchy guitar riffs and bongo rhythms. All of it makes this track incredibly engaging and unbelievably addictive to listen to.

Release date: 1989


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