Throwback: Gregory Porter – 1960 What (Opolopo Kick & Bass Re-rub)

First hearing this in a Joy O set I was amazed to discover how recently this track was made: only 18 months ago! The reason for my amazement is the classic feel and style ‘1960 What’ holds. For Opolopo’s re-rub he has sensibly kept hold of most of the jazzy acoustic feel the original that makes this track so great, and added mainly a constant kick and little dabbles of a bassline. Simple as it maybe, Opolopo has transformed this into a club ready track that will have any of those peripheral dance-floor lurkers moving their feet and converging towards the middle in no time.

‘1960 What’ is truly a beautiful composition, of a standard the don Miles Davis would admire. But what really takes this song to new levels is the incredible performance of Porter himself on the vocals. Porter boasts great range and passion with his vocals; while I have compared the instrumentation to level of Davis, Porter brings a quality that has an edge and feel comparable to great Charles’s and Wonder’s of the past.

Can’t recommend this song enough.

Release date: 2012


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