Nextup: Toby Tobias – Tres Mal (free download) + One Night On Mare Street

Just before this post was finished (to be a Throwback of ‘One Night On Mare Street) Toby Tobias very kindly offered up a free download of his new track ‘Tres Mal’ via Mixmag, to give us a taster of his Burek Records showcase at the Dance Tunnel in London on 27 September. So it is only fitting that we include the free download as well, to pop the cherry on the cake. It is a wonderful, jangling, upbeat house tune with many layers, a subtly driving bassline and echoing, insistent vocals. Grab the download here.

House music is at its best when it takes you somewhere, when you can shut your eyes and enjoy the ride. The best examples change and develop throughout a song, creating different atmospheres within a five/ten minute window. ‘One Night On Mare Street’ is house music at its most sophisticated. Starting out as a seemingly upbeat piano tune it takes a darker turn, delving into the realm of deep house, before coming back in a full circle, using a simple chopped sample to jump between house, disco and deep house. Released in 2012, this is another example of Toby Tobias’s unique sound. It was released alongside some great remixes (namely the ‘Ugly Drums mix’) which I would also highly recommend.

Release year: 2012


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