Event review: Stevie Wonderland – 20th September

‘A night of 70’s and 80’s disco throwbacks featuring Krystal Klear and Jon K.’ With a premise as good as that, it is no wonder the event sold out. Turning out to be one of the highest demand events in Manchester that night, we got down just after 11pm and it took us nearly an hour to enter, but it was worth it. The music was on top form and it was refreshing to have a night that featured disco tunes mixed by some of Manchester greatest exports rather than wedding party DJs in a local pub (which is pretty much the only other place you would hear disco all night long).

Safe to say, no-one was prepared for the onslaught of students who were behaving as though they were 14 years old and waiting for a gig, the queue was pushing and shoving. It was handled as well by the venue and promoters, who moved the smoking area from the front to the back and came out to let us know what was happening respectively. Shout out to the bearded, pierced bouncer who marshalled that queue better than any Bruce Willis character.

Once inside we stumbled over circles of people who were throwing mad shapes and running wild inside, buoyed by the fantastic, feel good tunes that were playing thanks to members of the Hoya:Hoya cohort:  Jon K and Krystal Klear. Everyone was happy and thankful to be there. Consequently they were making sure they had the time of their lives, soaking up the beats that were emitting – the tunes were often remixes which was good for the dancing crowd. The excellent Montana Orchestra track (check it here) appeared  and the Theo Parrish edit of Made in the U.S.A. was played (read our review here) make for stellar tunes that were deservedly played in the middle of the night.

An amazing disco edit of Storm Queen ‘Look Right Through’ got the crowd going crazy with people doing cooler versions of the night fever dance and putting fingers up towards the sweaty atmosphere. One great thing about the Roadhouse the vibe – just a load of down-to-earth people having a good time – not forgetting the disco ball in the middle which probably makes it the best place to hold a night featuring a ‘disco tag team’!

We left the club feeling satisfied with the night which lived up to our high expectations.

The next is on 10th October.

Freak Out!


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