Nextup: L D R U – The Tropics (Ta Ku remix) | Free Download

Released on seminal record label, Future Classic, this remix takes the original and strips it away to the bare bones, creating a minimal, elevated electronic masterpiece, worthy of comparison to Jacques Greene and Flying Lotus.

The original percussion is removed in favour of a simple snare sound, using hi hat to enable effective and song progression. The bass line is used to bring the song down into the realms of early morning territory – slow, subtle and understated as the sensual female vocal repeats ‘bang. boom.’ The phaser is removed but the high pitched whistles are there, enable the song to stay light, something that could easily be played on a beach as the sun is coming up, where everyone looks at their neighbour and feels at peace with the world. I prefer this version by far, changing the song so drastically from a high-energy, brass, summery tune to a low key, ‘chill out and relax soundtrack’ works very, very well.

Download here.

Release date: 27.09.2013


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