Throwback: Drake – Fireworks (Deadboy slo mo house edit)

A truly tearjerking tune, back in 2010 Deadboy produced a chilling yet brilliantly triumphant remix of Drake’s ‘Fireworks’. Deadboy completely transforms the original to create an exhilarating early morning masterpiece.

With ‘Fireworks’ it feels like Deadboy has capitalised on everything great about Drake’s original and taken them all to new heights. Most notable is his emphasis on those beautiful piano chords from the original: Emerging on their own towards the start of the song, their progressions are mesmerising, wrapping the listener up in their developments as they rise and fall in emphasis, never at all becoming laborious. Whilst captivated and distracted by those chords, the gradual growth of a kick drum almost goes unnoticed, bringing with it a strong sense of momentum that carries you off into more percussive high hat shuffles and snare stabs. While we have all seen a lot of criminal attempts at high pitched vocal distortion in tracks, hearing Alicia Keys sound like a chipmunk in this has never felt so appropriate and perfect. Her vocals add another level of euphoria and depth to the track. The little things in this track even add to it as well; the opening and ending, subdued explosions of fireworks bring the same warmth and feel associated with vinyl crackles that we all know and love.

With all these instruments to choose from, Deadboy still adds to the songs atmosphere, demonstrating an amazing grasp of varying the strength and prominence of all of them. At moments the piano chords will linger behind vocals and percussion, and at other times they crescendo and come to the fore before ever staying or retreating.

Being a white label release, ‘Fireworks’ is a great but also illusive tune. You’ll feel privileged to hear this on a night out and even more so to hear it on your own decks and speaker system at home.

Altogether a brilliant chiller song; one of the best there is.

Release year: 2010


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