Throwback: Young Male – Black Satin Fan

When thinking about where some of the best underground music has come from this year, 2013 could definitely be considered as the year of the Big Apple. Throughout the year imprints such as L.I.E.S, MisterSaturdayNight & Fifth Wall have all brought fresh and exciting approaches to the sounds of house and techno. Running quietly alongside them has been the brilliant White Material label run by DJ Richard and Young Male. It is with Young Male’s effort on ‘Black Satin Fan’ that I have found to be my favourite, though I recommend you check out all the label’s releases!

‘Black Satin Fan’ is one serious trip. Emerging with a full bodied bass kick, eerily hollow bongo rhythms and lingering drone notes, Young Male serves up an enthralling, infectious, if yet a little unnerving, banger. The first two minutes are hypnotizing: intricate variations and introductions of snare and high hat rhythms accompanied with that seriously powerful kick become a perfect scene-setter for the entrance of that unforgettable, raw, face-screwing synth loop. Even when stripped down to just highs, snares and a kick ‘Black Satin’ still carries tremendous weight and momentum.
Proper business!
Release Date: 2013


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