Nextup: Nils Frahm – For (Max Cooper remix) (Free Download)

Two of the best producers in their fields combined on one incredible track.
Nils Frahm is up there with Nicholas Jaar as one of the best composers of the current day. Producing beautiful, hard-hitting, calming instrumental music with a deep, honest quality, this pianist is one of the few who have made it into the electronic music lovers hearts. Using his expertise on the age-old instrument to conquer the synthesiser, Frahm and uses it in ways that would never cross another’s mind. His ‘Juno’ EP is a prime example of this, from which ‘For’ is lifted.
Max Cooper crafts this track into an intricate, winding and constantly evolving piece of techno. Cooper keeps the original melody intact and nearly untouched, preserving its sincerity as he adds an unobtrusive beat that will craft the dance floor in the early hours of the morning. Rhythmic, short percussion strokes are delicately layered and subtly complex, being quick enough to jump neatly along the track as it continues its journey into the world of techno.
A reminder that techno can be beautiful.
Download for free here.
Release date: 2013


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