Throwback: Gat Decor – Passion

Gat Decor weren’t active for a long period but they definitely made good use of their time, with half of their songs reaching the Top 30. As one of the first acts to be referred to as ‘progressive house’ they pioneered the stand-out piano progression that has become commonplace in house music as we know it today.

‘Passion’ is an, old school club classic, which undoubtedly launched a thousand unashamedly blissful smiles on dancefloors across the country. The first minute is filled by a hypnotic, engulfing groove with toms peeping in and glimpses of skittering percussion, before the minute breaks and the bass line pounces with ferocious abandon and the hard hitting synth jumps out. The bass line erratically stops so that other instruments get a look-in before continuing on its way, stopping at the piano break-down then promptly starting back up again, leaving ravers wondering if that slice of chord mastery actually happened, as it fades back into the song and the tune carries on.

Rave on!

Release date: 1992


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