Throwback: Aurra – Like I Like It

Aurra provided disco, funk and soul enough to boogie all night long throughout the 1980’s. This year they released some previously unreleased material, ‘Satisfaction’, this post revisits one of their classic tunes; always a hit in disco sets and for a good reason, it injects dancers with purely upbeat disco, funk & soul via it’s positive, innocent vibe and funky bass line.

Think Chic with a soulful, sassy female on vocal duty (Starleana Young) who wouldn’t be out of place in the wonderful motown era, raising the pitch at the end of each line, showing off her vocal range so it hits the spot which gets you moving just a little bit more. It gives the song that extra sincerity and emotion, accompanied by her partner-in-crime who harmonises perfectly and adds that pazzazz that disco tunes need. The sophisticated, groovy melody has an awesome, jazzy bass line, with keyboard licks and guitar riffs to groove to, lifting the song up into the air and into the realms of Saturday night disco.

Release year: 1985


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