Throwback: T. Williams Ft. Terri Walker – Heartbeat (Mosca Remix)

Mosca has gone down with the techno vibe recently but I want to take you back to 2010, to a little gem you might have missed.

My friend once described this song as the tune that proves Mosca is a talented producer. It comes in the form of a T Williams remix.

A slow and gradual build up makes you think this one is going to be a flat-out chiller. With the addition of some hi-hats and eventually drums, the song develops a brilliant momentum. Alongside, a beautiful vocal and complementary violin – both of which are pretty rare in most dance music – create a very refined and elegant record.  All this momentum leads to a rather dubstep-esque breakdown that is an example of one of few moments of genius to be found within dubstep. Although I wouldn’t call this a straight up dubstep tune by any means, you can certainly see its influence coming through.

This is by far my favourite Mosca tune and one that is often under-appreciated, enjoy.

Release year: 2010



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