Throwback: Motor City Drum Ensemble – Raw Cuts 6

Motor City Drum Ensemble is a producer I have loved for a long time. The German born producer creates a sound very different to the bass heavy minimal noise like his native counterparts such as Ben Klock. He goes for more of a jazzy, soul and Chicago house orientated vibe during his sets – think more along the lines of Theo Parish.

Although not a particularly prolific producer Motor City Drum Ensemble oozes talent. His breakthrough work was a series called “Raw Cuts”. With six in total these funky yet slightly dark disco edits are what first caught my attention.

While the whole Raw Cuts series is definitely worth a listen, “Raw Cut 6” is the one I keep going back to. A slow and steady build up alongside a strange slightly distorted vocal take the song on a heavily Chicago house influenced path set with ever popular bongos and off beat high hats. Melancholic minor keys give the song a murky, slightly eerie feel. It’s these offset keys against upbeat vocals and highs that make this song stand out from the rest in the series. Throughout the song you can hear hints of house, soul and disco; it’s rare to find a song that so elegantly explores the influences of so many different and varied genres.

Release date: 2010

– Martin Bavone


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