Throwback: Loleatta Holloway – Hit and Run (Walter Gibbons 12″ Remix)

Walter Gibbons set an early milestone for the relationship between disco and DJ’ing with this 12”. But despite ‘Hit and Run’ not being his most commercially prolific remix; it will continue to be looked back on as a game changing influence to the house and nu-disco genres.

Following on from the original release in December 1976 on Gold Mind records, which was a subsidiary label of Disco label ‘Salsoul Records’, Gibbons was granted access to the multi-track tapes which was unprecedented of the time.

The creative potential this offered Gibbons is made obvious in comparison to the original release. The rhythm section dominates the mix with a presence seeking layered kick; pulsing with a typical four to the floor disco beat. The strings section is completely removed from the mix leaving the raw funk of the lead mirroring bass line and syncopated phasing keys. This genius arrangement is augmented with Holloway’s legendary soulful vocals.

This 12” still has influences on the underground scene today, with Holloway’s acapellas being used in a variety of house releases including Detroit Swindles recent release, ‘Guess What’.

If you’re lucky enough to find a copy of this historical gem, don’t lend it to your mate.

-Josh Alport



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