Event: Heavy Rain – Squarehead & South Royston

Heavy Rain maintains its status as being amongst the most commended nights out in Manchester.  In September we saw a great party with Wen and Funk Butcher to start off the season; met by another great line up last week, packed full of house.

Joshua Brooks is the typical setting for Heavy Rain events, and is closely associated with the night. It once again contributed hugely to the vibe, with its basement rave atmosphere and regular crowd. It was good to see plenty of Manchester indigenous DJ’s on the line up, with Rohm, Brunks and Naked Swing doing their part for the Manc scene and setting a high energy pace early on in the night. A particular highlight for me was Naked Swing dropping Randomer – ‘Bring’ at half one, highlighting the pace of the night.

Squareheads set contrasted positively to the previous sets, with kalimba ladened house elevating the mood of the room and confirming to the crowd that he deserved his headlining status.

South Royston brought the room back to some deep house for a fast paced  closing set. The night ended with Paul Woolford – ‘Untitled’, for a high energy end to a high energy night.

Heavy Rain once again committed itself to the Manchester Underground scene with this night, proving itself as one to watch.
Josh Alport


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