Throwback: Omar S – Thank U 4 Letting Me Be Myself

Omar S is a well known Detroit born Producer/DJ and has been busting out amazing tunes on his own label FXHE since 2001. He generally tends to keep with the Chicago/ Detroit vibe, using sequencers and drum machines to make four to the floor beats, similar to artists like Moodyman. His most recent release, a hefty 14 track album under the name ‘Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself’ contains some absolute Detriot themed gold.

The song that shares the same name as the album title is the one that really caught my ear. Opening with the familiar 4/4 drum loop, gradually progressing in to what seems to be a light airy song. Then comes the bass, the bass is the reason this song stands out. One of those moments in dance music where the producer has got it spot on – you can just listen to the tune all day. When it comes in the rest of the tune is a number of cheery highs and chords dancing around this sublime bassline. Perfect.

Release year: 2013

-Martin Bavone


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