INTERVIEW: JOZEF K (Last Night On Earth/ Sankeys)

After seeing this guy pull off a stellar set at Selective Hearing’s warehouse party earlier in October this year, we have been keen to catch up with Manchester based talent Jozef K. With a previous residency at the mighty Sankeys and releases on Kaluki and Sasha’s ‘Last Night on Earth label’ already, we discuss Jozef’s future plans and delve further into his musical preferences.

First off tell us about your night Fortsetzen in Manchester? What is its overall intention as a club night?

Booking the acts that will play the best possible music, and to push things forward. Or sometimes to look back. It may not make sense to anyone else but we know exactly why we do what we do!

You discussed in a past interview that you were planning on starting to do live sets with Winter Son – How’s that coming along?

Decent enough for a first time, though considerable work is needed before I have the level of control I want to have over it. It was nice to get the first one out of the way and learn from it but there are tonnes of improvements to be developed.

We have also done our first ever gigs at proper band venues, as opposed to club nights, in Sheffield and Leeds, which was something I was really looking forward to as have always wanted to play at a live venue. We were supporting Stubborn Heart, who are a really great act and were both honoured to be sharing the stage with! Really sound guys as well.

 As you have had a first-hand experience of setting up Fortsetzen in Berlin, we were wondering if you could discuss what differences or similarities you have discovered between the scene there and back here in Manchester?

There is a big difference I feel between the crowds in Manchester and Berlin in that in Manchester, crowds desire much more instant gratification and I feel much more compelled to play records I know will get a reaction in Manchester than in Berlin, which isn’t better or worse, it is more exhilarating but at the same time musically restrictive, so it depends how you look at it.

If there is to be a favourite to play to, I enjoy both equally for different reasons. An explanation of this is that I remember when I played at the Farbfernseher in Berlin last year, I came on and played super deep and melodic for quite a long time but felt really comfortable to play this style and only increased the intensity when I felt I wanted to and that there was no pressure to do so; I feel that the crowd are much more willing to accept you as an artist and allow you to direct them where you want to take them. But in Manchester, people want you to feed off their energy (which is usually intense!), and I wouldn’t feel comfortable playing so deep for so long but this isn’t a bad thing as it is very exciting and much more of a challenge. I feel that that as long as you are paying close attention to how things are being interpreted musically by the crowd then a lot of fun can be had in both places; so don’t pack the same records for each city would be my advice!

So in short there isn’t a better or worse city, they are completely different and are both amazing, as well as being 2 of my favourite places to play, so that’s why I do parties in both cities… big up Berlin and Manchester crews!

We know that your night is at Deaf Institute in Manchester, but if you had the chance to design your ideal, dream club, what would it be like?

Sound system: impossible to decide between Sankeys Ibiza’s Void and Berghain’s Funktion one, I did try but the impeccable clarity of Berghain’s compared to the soul destroyingly powerful system in Sankeys Ibiza is too close to call… I would request for a collaboration between the 2 but can you imagine the super efficiency and precision of the typical German work ethic combining very well with the ‘mañana mañana’ attitude of Ibiza? No! Me neither!

Bookings: would mainly be made by the guys behind labyrinth festival in Japan, Gideon from Berghain, as well as Jonathan from Dimensions. I’d also get some of the cold wave bands that are coming through like Lebanon Hanover starting off the night… I think some metallic sounding cold wave at the start of the night would be the perfect warm up to some industrial techno and whatever else later on…

Attitude: the insane party ethic of Manchester but with the musical appreciation and understanding similar to the type of crowd in attendance at Dimensions festival this year (with a slight Berlin twist).

Boys: Manchester, as all my best mates are here.

 I’m into all the techno birds in Berlin that wear Doc Martins, cool as fuck with mad haircuts and that, though Sankeys Ibiza is up there, they all wear bikinis, but to be honest I get too scared and don’t know what to say. For example last time I played there was me and 5 girls in the DJ booth with bikinis on and I felt that awkward I was actually glad when they left! I might be on my own on that one though

Drinks: Sankeys Manchester… Mojitos… Just imagine how drunk you are if you only drink mojitos from 10pm-6am… Regretfully can say I have done this more than once.

Attention to detail: It would have the meticulous attention to detail of Womb in Japan in terms of club operation and professionalism/attitude as well as pride in their work.

On top of that, what if you could pick one song that you’re liking at the moment you could play to this club what would it be? 

‘Cold Colors – When The Summer Ends’

One of my favourite records from this year, super emotional and melancholic, would love to see what type of reaction this would toward the end of the night.

Dream scenario time again – if you could own an entire catalogue of any particular artist, vinyl cd etc, whose would it be and why?

 Legowelt… Cos he’s the fuckin boy! And he’s got about a million sick tunes!

 And finally, in the spirit of Halloween and horror, what’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you during a set at a club?

 This one’s a bit of an easy one… I was playing in Sankeys main room and I brought a girl who I really fancied with me, I was warming up for Fatboy Slim and Sankeys was completely sold out, I was twatting out a few classics thinking I am the top boy, getting a few beers going and that, when all of a sudden the CD I was playing was scratched and the whole music went off for a good ten seconds.  And I am not sure if you are aware but ten seconds of complete silence with over 1000 people in front of you and a girl you are trying your best to impress stood next to you is a really fucking long ten seconds; it felt like years! Put it this way, I will never have another scratched CD again, that’s a one-time only mistake learned the hard way!

Jozef’s next gig is with the Sub:terranea boys in York, be sure to check it out here

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  1. six axle · · Reply

    impeccable clarity at berghain? its clearer upstairs for starters. would’ve gone to sankeys a lot more if artists like legowelt were getting played as regular as this interview implies. was bland tech house every week as i remember..


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