Event: Triangular – Dark Sky @ Odder

Last Saturday, relatively unknown club night ‘Triangular’ served Manchester up an enticing prospect bringing in underground heavyweights Dark Sky to Odder Bar. With the chance to see such a high profile artist at a venue as intimate as Odder, (a rarity considering the dominance the Warehouse Project has over Manchester’s nightlife at the moment) this was an opportunity too good to ignore.

Arriving at half 12ish, the night was already moving up in gears with plenty of heads already on the dance floor. An always welcome play of Nu Birth – ‘Anytime’ merged in between some strong four to the floor house loosened up the crowd well in anticipation for the headline act. Having wanting to see Dark Sky for a ridiculously long time, and having heard so many people bang on about their sets live, my expectation for them was perhaps unfairly high, but nonetheless spectacularly met.

The threesome began with great maturity, drawing in the crowd with more subtle cuts ranging from Anthony Naples to their brilliant release on MisterSaturdayNight. Delving into all the best of Uk bass, the group moved in and out of genres seamlessly offering us the best in Grime, 2 step, House and Techno. The set also carried great balance as well: whilst the group offered us lots of abstract lesser-known-tunes-to-most, the interweaving of well-known bangers such as ‘Paul Woolford’s – Untitled’ and ‘Joy O’s – Big Room..’ were great for bringing the crowd together and ensuring they did not feel completely alienated throughout the night. Respect must be given to the Dark Sky guys here; their ability to put together a set together as accomplished as that when they have to navigate around each others tastes in B2B2B fashion is impressive. Props!

It’s not just a great set that makes the night however and thankfully most other things you’d want to go well on Saturday, did. Ventures to the smoking area never involved queues and getting drinks from the bar was never a laborious effort – though committing to leaving the dance area to get a drink was a tough call at points amidst Dark Sky’s massive set! It was sad to see that the top floor wasn’t as packed as it could have been all night, the crowd there still carried a lot of energy, and credit to the Triangular boys for bringing the right types in.

Though there are question marks over whether Odder Bar’s sound system is of a good enough quality to host acts of the calibre of Dark Sky, the overall benefits of the night being held there far outweigh the cons. With Jacques Greene lined up as their guest next month, Triangular are certainly on the way to becoming one of Manchester’s top club nights.

– Calum Carey



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