Nextup: Doc Daneeka – Walk On In (feat. Ratcatcher)

Doc Daneeka is a bit of an unsung hero. He’s consistently released quality music on quality labels since 2010, but this is his 1st tune that is really blowing up and you can see why.

Its beginnings are all crunchy drum loops and crackle, but it is far from a lo-fi effort. Growing in stature are polished sweeping synths, filtered in and out, and a soulful vocal slice is looped on top. And then, just before 3 minutes, it stops. Of course, it doesn’t actually stop, but is instead stripped to the bare bones. A 4×4 kick-clap loop is all that’s left and we hear the vocal, sometimes drenched in delay, that the earlier slice was cut from. This vocal loops on a chant of ‘walk on in’, that lends the tune its title, and it’s on the build again. The climax it finally reaches seems fitting when paralleled with Daneeka’s ascendancy to the top of his game.

Release date: 04.11.2013

– John Hardy


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