Throwback: Pepe Bradock – Deep Burnt

One of the best Youtube suggestion bar stumbles I have ever come across, the appropriately entitled ‘Deep Burnt’ by Pepe Bradock stakes a strong claim as one of the best deep house tracks ever made. Simplicity, especially in the genre of deep house, always seems to be the key component to producing the best tracks. Bradock certainly reinforces this idea here beautifully, encapsulating you with sweeping filtered chord progressions and gushing strings.

It really is those chord progressions that elevate this track above anything else you’ve ever heard though. Supremely captivating and mesmerising in their cadence and sound, Bradock manages to keep their repetitions fresh and continually engaging throughout the full 9 minutes. By just applying filter and varying their volume, it is amazing how continually satisfying it is to hear them echoing amidst shuffling tambourines, echoing snares and crisp hi-hats.

A certified classic, ‘Deep Burnt’ epitomises all the best aspects of deep house. Now all we need is a repress….

Release year: 1999


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