Nextup: Bicep – Satisfy FMB002

Bicep have been producing varied records of late, with their last EP, ‘Stash’ on Will Saul’s AUS label being a low key deep house affair. ‘Satisfy’ is nothing of the kind, packing the ultimate punch via breakbeats, four-to-floor bass and brash synth. The tension builds with a deep bassline; a powerful 80’s vocal, repetitive to the point of unforgettable and relentless organ progression which sounds like a Gat Decor house influence or a trance track from the 90s, before the beats pounce and the song becomes a high-energy, frantic floor-filler.

Here is their video to promote the EP which is definitely worth checking out: 80s big hair, retro filters and even artwork from the boys themselves, this is a well thought-out release which should garner them some extra followers.

Back with vengeance, Bicep are pumping the dancefloor with ‘Satisfy’ like there’s no tomorrow.

Release date: 25.11.2013

– Kim Kahan


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