Nextup: Art of Tones – The Same Thing

Classic ‘Norma Jean Bell-esque’ disco vibes return in this recent release by Art of Tones on the ever reliable Local Talk Records. I have been continually impressed by Local Talks; not only in the quality of their releases but in the consistency of their outputs also. Local Talk have managed to maintain a fresh sound and approach to the disco/house sound which has been experiencing a comeback, infusing all the best elements and styles of all genres.

A song that perhaps epitomises this ethos is this supremely raw and soulful disco/house production, ‘The Same Thing’ by Art of Tones. Great disco has capabilities above all other genres of drawing a dance out of you no matter what time or place; ‘The Same Thing’ is of that calibre, even as I’ve done this review, with it playing in the background, head-bopping and shoulder-shuffling has been a mandatory part of writing today. And there are lots of reasons for it: raw, crisp evocative vocals, swinging percussion and the sweetest of bass guitar riffs. Amongst that infectious bass riff lies the killer component – that vocal. I love the exploration of the sample vocal, offering up itself as supportive instrumentation with repetitions of ‘The Same Thing’ sequence, but then developing and exploding into rich, powerful vocals with classically topical disco lyrics.

A big release and a big favourite!

Release date: 17.09.2013

Calum Carey


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