Throwback: Stephen Encinas – Disco Illusion

A rediscovered gem, Stephen Encinas’s ‘Disco Illusion’ is quite a unique song to us all. Though only recently released, ‘Disco Illusion’ was actually made by Ecinas in the golden days of disco and unfortunately – or fortunately for any modern day vinyl collectors – never quite saw the light of day. It has now though, and comes to us as a smooth, laid back easy-listening beauty!

Though the track carries strong, recognisable disco elements, Encias’s production delves into more trippy territory. ‘Disco Illusion’ carries eccentric dissonant vocals in places and high pitched ethereal bells that in my best efforts to describe them, sound like cosmic robot birds chirpin’ away in some distant disco realm. I’m sure you can do better…

Funky disco at its finest.

Release date: 1979

Calum Carey


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