THROWBACK: Zed Bias – Seeds ft. FOX

Zed Bias has been a well-known face on the UK Dance scene for many years now, starting off his career producing (now classic) garage tunes, such as the infamous ‘Neighborhood’. With Zed Bias About to release his latest album on Swamp81 I thought it would be appropriate to take to look at some of Mr Bias’s lesser known work.

Zed Bias has had a big influence on the early Dubstep producers; this tune is one of the most influential.  One of the first examples of the ‘wobble bass’ we now often associate with Dubstep to be seen in popular underground music. Although it’s a far from the overstated, with in-your-face bass that Dubstep has become it is fairly easy to join the dots and see how this sort of tune was a stepping stone.

This is a relaxing ‘dubby’ jam steeped in history.

(the video is awesome too)

Released: 2008

-Martin Bavone


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