Event: Heavy Rain X Triangular – Jacques Greene

Event date: 14.11.2013

Venue: Odder

Odder Bar has been keen to make its mark on the Manchester scene, having recently hosted a highly successful night with the likes of Dark Sky gracing the decks.  Last Thursday saw the return of Jacques Greene to Manchester, having seen Mr Greene last year at Mint lounge I felt I could expect a night of modern house music with dashes of techno or garage thrown in to spice things up.

Odder has a fairly ‘odd’ layout for a club, set out as a curve with a bar at one end and a dance area at the other, but it does work pretty well. Sporting a good sized dance floor there’s plenty of space for the throwing of shapes.  Someone must have read our last review because the sound system has been improved since the Dark Sky night, by way of an extra stack of ‘Funktion One’ muscle lurking in the corner.

Throughout the night there was a good energy in the crowd, everyone looked happy.  Jacques Greene on the other hand didn’t look too keen, I’m not sure if he prefers bigger venues or was just having a bad day.  He looked a lot like he was forcing it out when behind the decks and it showed, his set was repetitive and frankly fairly dull.  The crowd only really went off when the follow-up act, Rohm, came on.  Props to him as he’d obviously gauged the mood of the crowd perfectly, opening with Leon Vynehall’s genius track ‘Step or Stone (Break or Bone)’.

As soon as this track dropped the whole place seemed to light up – everyone finally being allowed to really go off.   The night continued with its fair share of crowd pleasers and an interesting  mix of techno and R’n’B  which made for some unorthodox dance moves.

Overall I’d say the night was a mixed bag – the venue was  good, bar a few cloakroom issues and it’s really good to see promoters like ‘Triangular’ bringing big name acts like Jacques Greene and Dark Sky to intimate venues like Odder.  But at the same time I was a bit let down by the headline act. Nevertheless, the follow up acts saved it and I ended up having a good night. You can tell that there is great potential for nights like this in the future.

I really look forward to seeing what ‘Triangular’ bring to the table next.

– Martin Bavone


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