Nextup: Mr. G – Toi Toi

Mr. G is, well, a bit of a G (sorry). But seriously, the guy has consistently been producing fire for years. He is finally starting to get recognition for his craft, being nominated in DJ Mag’s 2013 producer’s category. He sticks vehemently to his guns: his style hasn’t changed and he still only plays live sets (although when he DJs it sounds like this). He hasn’t got big through pandering to what’s in vogue, he’s just toiled away for so long people are finally starting to recognise.

‘Toi Toi’ is him doing what he always does. It starts with a frenetic drum rhythm (like Womb), it has a looped ‘come on’ vocal sample that sounds more like a call to arms than an invitation to dance (like Bounce), and has some lovely chords providing the texture to hold it all together (like Daily Prayer, Got That Swing and pretty much everything else he’s ever done).

Mr. G may not be breaking new ground, but he doesn’t need to. He’s got a style that he can completely call his own, and has enough class in each production to stop it from ever becoming boring.

Release date: 03.10.2013

John Hardy


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