Nextup: Akkord – Hex_ad

Not for a while has such hype surrounded an act on the levels of Manchester based duo, Akkord. Emergences of their raw, percussion heavy sound began around 18 months ago; since then they have pushed on to become one of the most exciting electronic outfits in the underground scene today.

What is admirable about Synkro and Indigos’ efforts is their decision not to capitalise on their already well-established names within UK bass music. For a substantial amount of time after the pair’s first self-titled release, little was known about them, duo have started from the bottom up, letting the music do the talking – and oh my it has.

Akkord have gone from strength to strength with this 3rd release, epitomised in the full-bodied, drum programming master class showcased in the track ‘Hex_ad’. The range and depth of Akkord’s drum patterns is incredible: crisp clean highs, rough gritty snares, glitchy computer synth stabs and an ominous, looming bassline, all combine to create a truly hypnotic and mesmerising trip. With all these components at hand, Akkord maximise their value keeping the listener on edge offering moments of anti-climax where huge build ups are initially followed by piercing silences and returns to more subdued sequences. The eventual need for a more explosive climatic conclusion is recognised however, as the track moves into a satisfying 4×4 rhythm capping off one of the best productions by the duo so far.

Release: 27.11.2013

– Calum Carey


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