Throwback: Cottam – EP2 (B)

Cottam’s tale is an interesting one. He’s an artist who shies away from press, has a sparse release schedule and rarely plays gigs. However, unlike some of his peers who indulge in this behaviour to try portray an enigmatic image of themselves, this is because he’s a stay at home dad who spends most of his time with his family. But when he finds time to make music, it’s pretty special.

I discovered his untitled edit of Bola Johnson’s ‘Lagos Sisi’ in Braiden’s excellent Louche podcast earlier this week. The original is a fantastic, albeit hectic, Nigerian jazz record from the 70s. Cottam’s edit is spectactular. He takes the tempo down to a chugging pace, and slowly fades in a sampled loop of horns from the original. The beat is dripping in funk and when the vocals, horns and some guitars all begin to combine past the three minute mark, it would take a very sad person to not be tapping their foot along. Sadly, the record commands a Discogs price of £58, so it won’t be in my collection anytime soon, but I would kill to hear this out.

Released: 2009

– John Hardy


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