Throwback: Joy Orbison – J. Doe

Joy Orbison is one of the UK’s most highly regarded artists. Initially recognised in dubstep circles for the anthemic ‘Hyph Mngo’, he has flitted around the subsequent breaking down of genre boundaries with ease, seeming just as adept when producing piano house, nosebleed techno or big room tech-house tools.

However, some of his work in between ‘Hyph Mngo’ and ‘Sicko Cell’, where he really arrived in the larger consciousness of people following bass music’s beginnings is quite overlooked. One such tune is the Chris Brown sampling ‘J. Doe’. Pitched somewhere between ‘Hyph Mngo’ and his later house work, it shows the beginnings of the decreased tempos that are now in almost all of his output. The track spends its 5 minute entirety on the build up: the frantic ‘Excuse Me Miss’ vocal chops are accompanied by some chord sweeps which whip the track into a frenzied state that is finally released around three minutes as euphoric shafts of light are conjured by his untouchable synth work. There is a reason that this is so underrated, it is vinyl only and bank-breaking to purchase, but there is little denial of its proof of Joy’s masterful production skills.

Release: 2010

– John Hardy


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