Throwback: Kerri Chandler & Dee Dee Brave – Mookies Bio

Kerri Chandler is one of the most prolific and well respected artists in the house scene. He was one of the innovators of the New Jersey house sound and his discogs page spans five pages, with releases dating back to 1989.

Understandably, some of his releases are quite under the radar. One of these is ‘Mookies Bio’ from his 1996 ‘Bassmental EP’. I discovered this in one of the most excellent mixes I’ve heard this year: Sotofett b2b Ron Morelli on an NY radio show.

In the mix, after 40 minutes of Sotofett‘s uniquely weird brand of house, he unleashes ‘Mookies Bio’. Dee Dee Brave’s vocal is one of the smoothest I’ve heard in a house tune. Teamed with Kerri’s trademark production style: twinkling pianos, floating chords, and, of course, a thumping kick drum. In the mix it breaks through like a ray of light that rewards the listener for sticking with Sotofett through his weirder selections. Sadly, it commands a huge price for any prospective buyers, but it is certainly an absolute weapon for any DJ who has this in their collection.

John Hardy


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  1. […] me, more often than not, a great house tune needs that vocal – whether it be ‘Mookies Bio‘ or ‘NY Finest – Do You Feel Me’, they all possess that killer vocal that […]


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