Throwback: Calum’s top tracks of 2013

Typesun – Last Home (DJ Nature)

Beautiful laid back grooves from DJ Nature, with this remix he’s kept all the beautiful instrumentation from the original and slapped an extra bitta bongo in there as well. Brilliant!

Galcher Lustwerk – Tape 22

So much good techno has come out of the States this year its untrue. But this is arguably the pick of the bunch. Crisp percussion and unrelenting low end power, topped off with the slickest of vocals. Huge.

Clouds – T-AO-192

Could’ve picked numerous tunes from these or the Akkord guys this year – both of them have produced some of rawest and unique material that’s come out of the UK/Ireland this year.

Graef & Seibt – Kotschleuder

So much to this song, first time I heard it and 2 minutes in I was already starting to consider this as one of my songs of the year…then those vocals came in and no further consideration was necessary.

Locked Groove – Dream Within a Dream

Mesmerising stuff from Locked Groove. Provided one of my favourite tracks of last year with his remix of Duke Dumont and hes done it again.



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