Throwback: Martin’s top tracks of 2013

5- HNNY – Yearning

When I first heard this record way back at the start of the year I assumed it was already an established classic that I’d missed, so I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was only a recent released. It’s a great example of what makes house great, a solid cheerful beat and swerve vocal with a seemingly unlimited replay value.

4- Adesse Versions – Pressured

This track has been getting a lot of promotion from the likes of Jackmaster at the moment and I can understand why. I’ve not really heard much deep house quite this like this before. Amazing, yet slightly harrowing.

3 – MCDE – Send it on a prayer PT 1

In my mind Motor City Drum Ensemble can do no wrong and this track is just another example of his genius.  I  look forward to hearing what he brings to the table in 2014.

2 – Randomer – Bring

I’m gonna say it: this is the best techno track I’ve heard this year! There is something about it that I just fell in love with instantly and on a big system there’s nothing I know of that can match it.

1- Max Graef & Seibt – Kotschleuder

For me this is as good as dance music gets. Sophisticated, funky and oozing in style this song is perfect in every way. The vocal is bliss.


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