Nextup: The Smiths – This Charming Man (Skream’s Heart Wrenching Ballads remix)

Show me someone who claims to dislike The Smiths and I’ll show you a liar. Skream definitely likes them if this refreshingly original remix is anything to go by. After his disco reinvention of recent years, this mix implies another incarnation of a more classical type, heading back to the roots and taking up this acoustic, passionate song.

Stripping back to the core of the ballad, back to the piano and lightly boosting Morrissey’s emotive vocals into a drawn out lament towards beauty and despair in the reign of Celine Dion’s younger brother, Skream shows us that he can turn his hand to the most unexpected, putting the sampling controversy behind him. Hopefully The Smiths will see the reaction this mix gets and take note for a reformation to do a series of ballads…

Release: 26.12.2013

This version is watermarked but fast forward to 1.30 and you get to the meat of the mix.


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