Throwback: Don’t Make Me Wait – NYC Peech Boys

The early 80s saw the birth of house music in Chicago within legendary venues such as The Warehouse (which is believed to be where the term ‘house’ comes from). But in the latter part of the decade house music had spread all over America and was popular in all the major cities. New York was no exception and the NYC Peech Boys, otherwise known as the New York Citi Peech Boys were one of the many artists alongside names such as Frankie Knuckles and Richie Rich, who at the time were laying the foundations of what we now call house music.

These foundations are so solid that the tunes they were making, way back then, would not be out of place in today’s clubs. ‘Don’t Make Me Wait’ by the New York Citi Peech Boys is a great example, taking references from the amazing days of funk in the 70s and with all the components of a modern day classic. This record has unlimited replay value and will probably never stop being cool.

Released: 1989

Martin Bavone


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