Nextup: Max Graef – Nr 05

After making a spectacular entrance to the scene in 2013, Max Graef returns early in 2014 with a release on The Gym Records, reasserting the reasons why he is one of the producers to watch this coming year. Such high praise is certainly warranted; last year Graef managed to be prolific but at the same time keep the standards of his productions at the highest level – a balance which eludes most producers.

You can sense Graef’s background as a jazz musician through his productions, whilst the release isn’t necessarily a new development to his sound, (and who could expect that from him being only 20!) it further demonstrates his masterful use of instrumentation and refreshing approach to song structure. Initially building up on delicately muted chord progressions wrapped in crisp percussive layers ‘Nr 05’ switches into a characteristically Graef-style breakdown of kick drums and heavy high hat crashes. The chords then resume their business, to be greeted by a delicious vocal sample that brings all components of the track together beautifully.

Certified groover!

Release TBA (January 2014)

– Calum Carey


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