NextUp Clubnight: Coded Rhythm

To kick start our new series focused on clubbing, we’ve spoken to Greg Brown, co-founder of one of the most exciting clubnights in Manchester, Coded Rhythm.

Amidst the coming and going of students all exercising their own brief influences on Manchester’s nightlife, Greg has enjoyed a relatively longer tenure within the scene. Over the years Coded Rhythm has existed the night has brought a great variety of artists to the city – pushing the sounds of well-known, crowd pleasing acts such as Swamp81’s Loefah, right through to the more underground orientations of Trikk and Dauwd.

Whilst we may presume that running a club night in such a competitive city would prove very stressful, Greg is refreshingly laid back about the whole prospect; “Competition is annoying but to be honest if it bothers you that much then it means what you are doing could maybe be better.” His ethos is simple: he enjoys his music, so why not put a night on to promote it? It’s a very honest approach, and whilst some people seem to have more financially motivated reasons for their involvement in the scene, Manchester seems to have got it right when it comes to the respect club nights show each other.

We asked Greg about what was required to run a successful night and he drew particular focus to the promotion and the venues and times you choose to have your night. “Promote properly – physical and online, don’t just flood Facebook because it gets monotonous. After that I suppose you should do it at the right place, at the right time and the most important is to make sure it’s good.” It may seem simple advice but within such a popular city putting a night on at the right time at the right place is everything. With regards to promotion we admire Coded Rhythms and many other nights such as meandyou_’s approach, these guys have got the balance right of raising awareness of their events, without shoving it down your throat.

And why not ask a man whose everyday task is to find and bring the best acts to Manchester about his ideal lineup? We did, and if he ever managed to put together anything remotely near this we’d need to know about it. “Warehouse venue with Huerco. S, Evian Christ, Omar S, Levon Vincent & Marcell Dettmann.”

Catch Coded Rhythm’s next night in February with XXXY

– Calum Carey


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