Nextup: Adesse Versions – Freaks Of the Industry

‘Pressure, daba daba da daaaa daaa da-da-da’ . Whilst many of may still find ourselves humming this man’s irresistibly good release on LIPS last year, Adesse Version’s upcoming ‘In the Dark EP‘ and a quick look into his discography tells us only good things can come from the man this year.

Though most will know Adesse solely for his hugely successful ‘Pressured’ track of last year, sparing a half hour of your time to discover more of this guy’s sound is a hugely rewarding experience. What strikes me most is the great range in his productions: whilst many producers will find their niche within the style of one genre AV has proven that he can apply himself to multiple genres through various bpm territories. Concerning ‘Freaks of the Industry’, all that grit and rawness left behind by ‘Pressured’ has been replaced by a seriously smooth funk based house track offering sleazy bass guitar riffs and shoulder-shuffling-swing. Beginning crisply with a strong, driving guitar riff accompanied with shuffling highs and bongos, the track quickly takes a more psychedelic turn when engulfed by piercing, swirling high-end synth drones.

A seriously groovy number!

Release: 07.02.2014

– Calum Carey


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