Nextup: Jam City – untitled 4 (Crazy Titch Vocal) [MIDNIGHT BLEND] (free download)

Night Slugs stalwart Jam City is subject to an interesting mashup in Midnight’s deft clash of ‘Untitled 4’, off his free zip ‘Memories… Of How It Used To Be’, and Crazy Titch’s ‘Old Skool Bars’.

Despite the largely grime influenced sounds of his labelmate’s such as Bok Bok and Helix, Jam City’s tracks, to my ears at least, always tended to lean toward a more American/ European sound, taking in shuddering Juke House and Techno, with the odd nod to UK Garage. Still fitting with the Night Slug’s retro-futurist aesthetic- but bringing to mind faceless dancefloors in Chicago and Berlin rather than grimy London streets.

However there is a pleasing symmetry to his agile, emotive synth work being combined with Titch’s vocal. Containing some of his best known and most ferocious lyrics, the acapella greatly suits re-contextualisation, near-melodic hooks seemingly crafted from Titch’s ragged howl where there were previously none.

To grime heads, the music of Crazy Titch serves as a kind of time capsule; forever stuck in 2006, a realness untouched by Robbie Williams collaborations and pop-grime cash ins, existing only as a mythical character inhabiting grainy videos of Ayia Napa and pirate radio sets atop crumbling towerblocks. However, despite his fearsome reputation a raw charisma and dark humour shines through on this track, the vintage inspired sounds of the instrumental clattering and undulating beneath the timeless lyrics of the ‘oldschool, rudeboy, ruffneck, soldier’.

Release: 01.02.2014

Download for free here.

– Bertie Jennings


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  1. Christian · · Reply

    is the crazy titch vocal in this pack? ive just got a normal version of untitled 4


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