Nextup: Top Unreleased Tunes

Going through my ipod the other day I realised there are actually some monster tunes that are not available for you to buy. Further research into my top unreleased tunes has actually been quite a depressing experience, as most of them look like they will be forever confined to the lower qualities of SoundCloud and YouTube. Nevertheless, here are my favourites:

Hudson Mohawke – B Ur Fantasy

This one was unfortunately sold to Pusha T who released it as ‘No Regrets’ featuring Jeezy and Kevin Cossom. Pretty sad to see arguably one of Hud Mo’s best instrumentals butchered so horrifically in this track (IMO). Rumours are Hud Mo has considered giving this away as a freebie – that will be a great, great day if it happens.

Tessela – Monica

Ive listened to this rip so much I can pretty much quote Chunky word for word in it. Still no idea about it; been circulating so long that I presume it’s never going to be released  but no-one’s seemed to be able to confirm it either way. Help anyone?

Jam City – Final Joust

One of the biggest percys you’ll ever hear, Bok Bok of Night Slugs has to the dismay of us all confirmed this will never get a release. Strong memories of when Pearson Sound dropped this in his Boiler Room set; still live in hope to hear this out in a club one day. Monster tune.

Paul Woolford – Erotic Discourse (L-Vis 1990 remix)

Absolutely zero clues about this one. L-Vis gave it a pretty short appearance in one of his Night Slug mixes a couple of years ago but not much more is known if it will ever see the light of day. Can’t see why Woolford or L-Vis would not want to release it, but its been over two years now so its probably never going to happen.

Delroy Edwards – Maxwell

The vocals on this are pretty special. More recent than the other tracks in the list so higher hopes that it might get the release it deserves sometime soon.

Sade – Couldn’t love you more (Florian Kupfer edit)

More vocal bliss from one of the most exciting producers of the moment. Been lurking about for over a year now but Kupfer’s enigmatic status makes it hard to find out anything about it. Massive fingers crossed for a release or even a free DL in the future.

 Calum Carey


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  1. […] made it into my tracks of 2013, and his rework of Sade made it into a colleague’s column on unreleased heat. His release schedule is sparse but his most recent track, a contribution to the L.I.E.S […]


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