NextUp: Dizzee Rascal – Strings Hoe (Wen Refix)

The tune many people having been waiting (forever) for, Wen’s already classic status refix of Dizzee Rascal’s ‘Strings Hoe’ is now available to buy for your listening pleasure.

Wen is certainly a producer I have grown to enjoy since finding out about his sounds over a year ago. Whilst I don’t listen as much to the 130bpm dub sounds of himself, Compa, Kryptic Minds and others alike, whenever I’ve heard Wen’s productions they’ve always impressed me with their quality and depth – ‘Strings Hoe’ is no exception.

Most admirable with Wens effort at ‘Strings Hoe’ is his ability to infuse his own dubby based style whilst thankfully holding onto the key grime elements found in the original. Those spine-tingling strings enjoy even greater emphasis in the refix, initially leading the track before being abruptly met by a low end explosion of bass and sub woofing goodness. Further string reinforcement arrives in the form of classic grime cellos later on, making for some serious gun finger raising around the 3 minute mark when they sync with the stabbing kick drum and synth sequences.


Release: 31.01.2014

– Calum Carey


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