Throwback: Sweet Exorcist – Clonk

Released in the early 90s period of the iconic Warp Records catalogue, ‘Clonk’ is a techno adventure through hyperactive, rumbling sub bass and synthesised bleeps. Underpinned by a rudimentary, driving vocal sample, this slow burner peaks and troughs but always maintains its momentum.

While the timbres utilised in this track place it resolutely in 1990, the overall aesthetic is somewhat reminiscent of recent offerings from Swamp81 amongst others, and this is what helps define it as a piece of dance music entirely ahead of its time. The rhythmic variation between standard four to the floor kicks and more complex snare and bass interplay also strikes me as forward-thinking, and it is this combination of attributes which ensure the track’s longevity and impact to this day.

Release date: 10.12.1990

– Benjamin Scott


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